Community banking has come to Decatur

OurStory-Decatur-StreetSignsPrivate Bank of Decatur continues its steady, planned growth and focus on First Class Service on a First Name Basis. We focus on providing our customers with access to bankers with decision-making authority who are fanatical about the level of service we deliver to my home community of Decatur.

Our customers continue to discover what our “Private” name is all about: We believe that ALL customers should benefit from the private banking approach other banks reserve for a certain few. Too, we have team members with deep roots both personally and professionally in Decatur, Georgia; many are familiar to customers and are certainly familiar with the community.

We’re a full-service community bank, from safe deposit boxes, checking and savings to lending options from mortgages and construction to SBA and other business loans/commercial loans. And we listen. In fact, that’s why we’ve never charged ATM fees and refund those of other institutions; you told us that was important to you.

You also get the access you want and deserve. We give you your banker’s cell phone number and offer banking 24/7 via the latest technology, from remote deposit (via your desktop scanner, a commercial scanner or your smartphone) to mobile banking smartphone apps and more. View account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and more.

And our PrivatePlus Mortgage division, which was relaunched and significantly expanded in 2014, offers a full range of mortgage products: Purchase, Refinance, Investment, Second Home, Construction, Multiple Collateral, Fixed Second, Debt Consolidation, Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), Raw Land, and Lot Loan. PrivatePlus promises great products, pricing, processes, and people, as you would expect.

And PrivatePlus Mortgage originates mortgages in 50 states and the District of Columbia. In fact, that’s a good excuse to note that, through technology and tailored service delivery, we bring banking to you – you don’t have to be in Decatur. We have clients from Cobb County to Carmel, California, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and across the Metro area.

Our Small Business Administration lending program makes SBA loans for a broad array of business purposes, including turn-key real estate purchases, ground-up construction, refinance, business acquisitions, and business start-ups.

Please know that each of the fine individuals on our team is empowered to serve you. That’s just not something you can get at all banks, and we think it’s the way banking should be.

Welcome to hometown community banking personalized for you,

Brent Adams
President, Private Bank of Decatur
(NMLS # 779816)

We are of, by and for the community

After nearly 30 years in banking, Private Bank of Buckhead’s Charlie Crawford learned that approximately two-thirds of people in this country have banking relationships with large, big-box financial institutions and that they are either satisfied or unwilling to make a change. Even so, he came to know that about a third of the population wants a relationship with a small, local bank, where they have a tailored personal relationship with their banker and mortgage lender. (Private Bank of Decatur is a division of Private Bank of Buckhead.

In late 2005, Charlie was determined to bring the market what it wanted, and started the organization of Private Bank of Buckhead. He asked 11 other Organizing Directors, approximately 100 investors, and 8 employees to help deliver a new Atlanta bank to serve the needs of businesses and individuals that wanted their banking services delivered in a customized fashion.

Following 14 months of organization, Charlie and his team opened the Atlanta community bank they envisioned – Private Bank of Buckhead – on December 11, 2006. In October 2012 the bank expanded, adding Private Bank of Decatur to the family, with community banking veteran Judy Turner at the helm. Judy retired in May 2016, handing the reins of Private Bank of Decatur to her colleague, Brent Adams.

Today, the bank remains focused on providing its investors with a superior return, its employees with an entrepreneurial and rewarding environment, and its customers with access to bankers with decision-making authority who are fanatical about the level of service they deliver.